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Social Networking – Voicethread

Social Networking is such a valuable piece for students and educators to prepare students for careers.  From its beginning social networking has allowed learning to go beyond the classroom to places all over the world.  Edmod is one social networking site that can support classroom learning, library specialists and professional development.  It is set up similiar to Facebook and allows you to create groups, monitor student learning, and stay connected to people all over the world.

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Learning Log- iGoogle

I am excited to learn the features of iGoogle.  Since signing up for so many different web2.0 tolls I have felt overcome.  I usually just leave all of my tabs open with all the different tools so I don’t lose the information and can pull it up when I need this.  But on top of having about 20 tabs open at one time which can be totally confusing, it also slows down my computer.  iGoogle is really giving me the opportunity to have the tabs I need all in one place.  It allows me to see many different threads I am following and best of all allows me to close my 20 tabs I have open so that I can link all my information in to one spot!  This is a great learning tool for me.  For teaching I think this can help me stay organized with all the tools I need for my lessons.  I am excited to use this everyday since it is now my homepage!

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Hello world!



My name is Diane Trimble and I am a current student at McDaniel College in the SLM program!  I am excited to become a future school librarian!